Rialta Residencia Universitaria

Discover the Rialta Mystery

Residencia Universitaria Rialta - Campaña El Enigma de rialta

Discover the Rialta Mystery

Our new campaign for 2019-2020 is now underway! This year, we’ve sharpened our wits and hunted out our magnifying glass in pure Sherlock Holmes

style to come up with a fun-filled game: The Rialta Mystery, converting the Residence into a setting with a series of clues for you to solve. A truly entertaining way of learning all about our residence!

Ready to help us investigate? Put your detective skills to the test and you could win… a 64 GB iPhone XR! Sounds intriguing?

  • Go to www.enigmarialta.com
  • Register with the app
  • Follow the clues and solve each of the game screens, set in Rialta Residence

At the end of the promotion there’ll be a prize draw for everyone who took part. GOOD LUCK!