About us

Rialta was founded in 1994 and is located in A Zapateira, a quiet residential area of ​​the city of A Coruña, belongs to theMaría José Jove Foundation, a Corunna institution that works for children and social inclusion .


 Rialta's main activity is that of University Residence, it is one of the largest and best equipped residences in all of Galicia. In addition, it offers accommodation service in ApartHotel** y ApartHotel ** and has a Sports Complex.


Endorsed by a long trajectory of more than 25 years, all Rialta's revenues are destined to finance the social work carried out by the  María José Jove Foundation. Therefore, our residents and the users of the rest of the facilities make it possible for social and humanitarian actions to materialize and that we can help improve the society in which we live.