Rialta Residencia Universitaria

Reservations and Rates

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2022/2023 Fees


Accommodation Half Board Full Board
Double View in 360º 520,46€ 614,40€
Double with kitchen View in 360º 289,68€ 543,57€ 637,51€

Fees per person and month



Accommodation Half Board Full Board
Standard single View in 360º 627,11€ 721,05€
Single loft View in 360º 675,34€ 769,28€
Superior single View in 360º 728,72€ 822,66€
Double room for single occupancy View in 360º 796,40€ 890,34€
Double room with kitchen for single occupancy View in 360º 564,82€ 818,71€ 912,65€
Superior single with kitchen* Ver en 360º 484,30€ 738,19€ 832,13€

*Type of room not available to reserve, it can only be rquested as a preference.

Fees per person and month

What’s included in our fees?

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Additional service charges

Monthly rate Contract
Swimming pool 25,10€ 23,00€
Gym 25,10€ 23,00€
Single admission 4,50€
10 session dining room voucher 64,27€
20 session dining room restaurant voucher 121,97€
Single session 6,90€
Washing machine / tumble dryer token 3€


You can reserve your place directly at Rialta, or send the following documents by email or post:

Reservation documents, duly filled in and signed
– 2 passport size photos
– Photocopy of your ID card
– €500* deposit paid into the following account: ES59 0182 6463 1202 0150 1149 (beneficiary: Fundación María José Jove).

*this amount is payable as a deposit. It will be kept in deposit throughout the academic year. Once the contract with the residence has terminated, it shall be returned or transferred as the deposit for the following year.

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